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CA Data Breach Privacy Law
Company email lacks reasonable expectation of privacy
Expectations of privacy for company email not deemed objectively reasonable
Suspicionless searches of laptops approved at border checks
Judicial rulings on email privacy
Available for all state courts in all US counties.

Lawdex's legal research tool provides any US attorney the ability to reach across the web to pull court records from all non-federal courts on demand.

Since only a portion of state-court records are available online, the vast majority of court records can only be retrieved from courts in paper format. Lawdex, by working in tandem with its network affiliates, has automated the retrieval process for attorneys with online access.

Court records are retrieved from the target court in either electronic or paper format, scanned as necessary, converted to PDF format, and made accessible to attorneys online. On request, attorneys may have the option to receive their selected court records in a searchable PDF format.

Lawdex is promoting document retrieval to attorneys with standard 2-3 day service. Additional processing fees for unique requests occasionally apply. Register and login to calculate your rate from the Document Retrieval tab.

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